The University of Gibraltar, one of Tromilux’s most prestigious projects has captured the attention of the Archello team, the architecture and design platform. The project chosen by the Archello team was one of the most interesting of which Tromilux was a part of and obtains, through this article, the deserved recognition.
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We leave our invitation for you to access the article made around the lighting that Tromilux manufactured for this project.

The University of Gibraltar lighting project was a very interesting one for our company. We feel truly privileged to be a part of such a prestigious project.

Our goal was to create practical and functional lighting elements that stood out while emphasizing the natural characteristics of the iconic structure. Though never imposing too much or ofuscating the true focus: the rich architectural basis of the building.
Our lighting, composed mainly by continuous lines, creates a geometric sensation of the space and a sense of continuity and fluidity, which allows us to elongate an already very generous space. The constant mixture of natural rock and metal creates a welcoming atmosphere that perfectly embraces the rustic and the modern, for a more complete overall design and a more organic feel.