Photometric Laboratory

By creating its own Photometric Laboratory, Tromilux has set the basis to become a great player in the market of the manufacturing of luminaries. With its high precision Goniophotometer instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurements; our company intensely tests its luminaries for photometry performance to meet international lighting Photometric Laboratory standards.

The Photometric Laboratory with the Goniophotometer enables measurements of the luminosity angle distribution of light sources, but also the determination of the luminary’s efficiency and illumination calculation. This equipment also determines with precision several photometric parameters such as chromatic rendering and colour temperature, light spectrums and radiation wave length, the real flux of the luminary, efficiency, polar diagram and glare diagram. By compiling the files (.ies, .ldt, etc) into an extensive laboratory database, lighting projects can be made by using software such as WinElux, Dialux or Relux.

All photometric data provided in the website, catalogue and technical data sheets, was obtained through the Photometric Laboratory of Tromilux.